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Safety Management

Proactive safety management using integrated, state-of-the-art technology delivers a measureable difference to plant performance and profitability.

Best-in-class safety moves beyond compliance to become part of a company’s culture, and integral to employee behavior, processes and practices enterprise-wide. It has been shown that best-in-class companies – those with a 90% or higher OEE and under 2% unscheduled asset downtime – consistently show the best safety records – under 0.2% repeat accident rates and 0.5% injury frequency rates.

So a safer plant and a more profitable business go hand-in-hand.

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Machinery Safebook 5

Machinery Safebook 5

Updated guidebook on safety legislation, theory and practice.

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Machinery Safebook 5

Discover what's new in Machinery Safebook 5

Author Derek Jones talks about what's changed in Machinery Safebook 5

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Safety Maturity Index

The Safety Maturity Index is an invaluable tool that offers visibility into safety processes.

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Safety Maturity Index tutorial

Watch a video that shows how to use the Safety Maturity Index tool.

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What changes are happening with <br>(EN) ISO 14119

What changes are happening with
(EN) ISO 14119

Listen to how changes in the standard affects you.

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Key things you need to know about machine safety

Key things you need to know about machine safety

Watch this video from two of our safety consultants.

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Safety Automation Builder

FREE software tool to help simplify machine safety design and validation.

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