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Process Safebook 1 A FREE guide to functional safety for process applications

Process Safebook 1

A FREE guide to Functional Safety for process applications

Process Safebook 1 is a new 170 page book that provides an introduction to functional safety for process applications and guidance in the application of IEC61511. This is the process industry-specific implementation of IEC61508 that covers the safety management of electrical, electronic and programmable electronic systems throughout their lives, from concept to decommissioning. The book offers a wealth of useful information and presents examples using clearly illustrated and visual methods.

Process Safebook 1

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The handy A5 size document covers:

  • Safety Lifecycle
  • Risk and Risk Reduction
  • The ALARP Principle
  • Determining SIL Targets
  • Risk Graphs
  • Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)
  • Allocation of Safety Functions
  • Safety Requirements Specification for the SIS
  • Design and Engineering of the SIS
  • Reliability Techniques
  • SIL Verification
  • SIF Probability of Failure, IEC61511-1
  • Installation, Commissioning and Validation, IEC61511-1
  • Operation and Maintenance, IEC61511-1
  • Modification and Decommissioning, IEC61511-1
  • Functional Safety, Assessment and Auditing

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